Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hamas Conquering the Gaza Strip

Hamas, the terrorist organization sponsored by Iran, has rested control of several key security points in Gaza from Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction. More at Sky News. Hamas seems bent on overpowering the Fatah faction and taking complete control of the Palestinian areas. This would have been much more difficult for them had Israel not been pressured to vacate the Gaza strip in 2005.

Since both Fatah and Hamas (indeed, all Palestinians) openly embrace the goal of destroying Israel, it ultimately makes little difference which group of Islamo-fascist terrorists final emerges with the most power. One might make the case that Hamas represents the more radical group, but spending too much energy making minute distinctions between the various Islamic terrorist groups works to muddy the larger reality: all these groups share the common vision of creating a world ruled by Islamic law.

America Alone, by Mark Steyn, points to this fact in chilling detail. Steyn boils down all of the complex issues surrounding terrorism and the rise of radical Islam to a simple discussion of demographics. European birth rates are being far outstripped by Muslim birth rates. While many European countries (Italy, Spain, France, etc.) are well below replacement level, in a death spiral to extinction, their Muslim immigrants represent an ever-growing population. It will only be a matter of time until many European countries become majority Muslim.

Steyn does note that America, for the time being, maintains a strong level of population replacement. As long as we keep fighting abortion on demand and upholding the family unit, we should be able to resist this demographic nightmare scenario in our own country. However, it bears repeating that the Islamo-fascists want nothing short of total domination of Western society as we know it. We ignore this truth at our own peril.


R. Wolfe said...

I like your comment, "This would have been much more difficult for them had Israel not been pressured to vacate the Gaza strip in 2005."

Hamas would have a more difficult engagement against Israel than with Fatah. Fatah and Hamas are brothers, and one is as much against Israel as the other.

With Hamas at the helm, though, they may think they have a better opporotunity to begin destroying the west by destroying Israel.

Pray for the peace of Israel.

Philip said...

Thanks for the comment! As long as we can keep Iranian weapons and funding from Hamas, Israel should be able to handle the situation when the time comes.