Thursday, June 7, 2007

Target practice

It would be a lot funnier if he wasn't going to jail. Pardon Libby now!


Mark said...

Boy, was this story buried quickly or what? It's like "Forget about the guy--let him rot in prison."

This is a national disgrace and miscarriage of justice. Watergate convicts Haldeman and Erlichman only get 18 months in jail. Libby gets 30 months? And for what? Not remembering who said something two years ago? Armitage freely admits it was he who leaked, but this is not brought into the trial?

I think it is a Democrat/Republican thing. Bill Clinton lied, under oath, to a grand jury. What was the penalty? How much jail time? When Hillary was under oath concerning the so-called travel-gate affair, she could not recall dozens of times. What was the penaly? How much jail time?


That's the template for today.

A national disgrace. . .

Philip said...

Truly unfortunate...