Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Harmless Embryonic Stem Cell Technique

As the debate over embryonic stem cells rages on, Dr. Ian Wilmut (the scientist who cloned "Dolly") has developed a new technique for deriving the cells without causing the death of a human embryo. This article from Live Science explains.

Being staunchly pro-life myself, I can appreciate the moral advancement of this technique over simply killing new embryos. However, the larger issue (dirty little secret) remains: embryonic stem cell research has failed to yield anything but tumorous monstrosities. Only adult stem cell research has actually made real scientific and medical achievements.

I welcome anything that removes the main (but unstated) purpose of embryonic stem cell research, which is to provide justification for abortion at the embryonic level. Pro-abortionists (they want women to make only one "choice") see this as their biggest shot at widening the public acceptance of abortion. Pro-life advocates must do all they can to undercut this twisted strategy of disinformation.

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