Monday, July 2, 2007

Libby's Sentence Commuted

President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's sentence today! Libby will no longer have to serve a two and a half year prison sentence. He will, however, still have to pay the enormous $250,000 fine. His life has been utterly ruined by Fitzgerald's vindictive assault.

John R. Lott notes in his book, Freedomnomics, that sentences for white-collar crimes often fail to account for the life-altering impact of a conviction. Common blue-collar criminals can usually return to a similar standard of living and employment. White-collar criminals, however, find they can no longer practice in their area of expertise (law, medicine, accounting, upper-management, etc.) because firms cannot afford to hire someone of questionable reputation. Furthermore, these white-collar felons cannot get blue-collar jobs, either; since employers deem them vastly over-qualified (an employee who would be bored and likely to leave at the first opportunity).

Bush tried to find the middle ground, but he should have given Libby a FULL PARDON. This scenario is the only one in which Libby's professional life can be reconstructed. Sparing only the jail, while allowing him some dignity, ultimately will not help Libby get another job. Democrats will be (and are) angry with Bush no matter what he does in Libby's favor. What has Bush really got to lose?

And just for a little perspective: let's all think back to the Clinton impeachment saga or the Mark Rich pardon... What were the Democrat talking points again?

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