Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thompson: "We've got plenty of time."

Fred Thompson, still an undeclared candidate for president, campaigned in Iowa this week. Despite recent campaign setbacks, he sounds unworried and optimistic. He may have plenty of time, but it's running out plenty quick. GET IN, FRED!


Anonymous said...

He would have my vote for sure.


Travis said...

I think that he has waited far too long. Former second tier candidates like Huckabee have taken some of the spotlight that could have been Fred's. As pure candidates go, I have always preferred Huckabee, but I have never considered him electable. He has proven to be a genuine candidate and not another Gary Bauer. By delaying an official announcement Fred looks indecisive.

Philip said...

This will be the crucial and decisive window. If he fails to pick up steam after the announcement, then you are apparently right about all the waiting around. However, if he comes out strong, all will be forgiven, and Giuliani better watch his back!