Friday, September 14, 2007

The Hsu is on the Other Foot

As Norman (Yung Yuen) Hsu faces some serious legal trouble, Hilary and other Dems scramble to cut ties and pretend to have amnesia. Hilary HAD to have known Hsu's background, as all visitors to the White House and similar locations involving Secret Service protection must undergo extensive background checks. This would have happened to Hsu, maybe even more than once. She absolutely knew who this guy was and what he was doing for her. And just where is she returning all that money? Her campaign has already invited the original donors to re-donate it. How convenient.

The media are covering the story, but shouldn't it be a bigger deal? Anybody remember Jack Abramoff? Now THAT was a story. Because it involved Republicans (and Democrats, too). Do you think Giuliani or Thompson or Romney could survive this kind of scandal? As if. But Hilary skates right through, with her "Get out of Scandal Free" card, the American media.

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