Monday, September 3, 2007

Thompson Prepares to Run

Happy Labor Day! According to this story, Thompson has kicked up his exercise regime, running at dawn and working out in the gym after that. The 65-year-old Thompson wants to counter an image of a lethargic old guy while adding some much-needed energy to his campaign (which is set to officially begin this Thursday). The big question is what will the mood be in the week following the big announcement. Will he be taken as a serious candidate or will he be relegated to the sidelines? Having witnessed his energetic "red truck" comeback victory in his 1994 Tennessee senate race, I have to go with the former--look out Giuliani! That may just be a big red truck in your rear view mirror!

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Travis said...

In response to your comment at the now closed Coffee House: yes, The Oxgoad will include political commentary (including cartoons), odd ball news reports, "caption it" features, and, your favorite, sports posts. Be sure to visit and lend your voice to the conversation!