Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thompson Scores a Few Points on Leno

Well, I stayed up later than usual to watch Jay Leno, something I haven't done since college (although we usually stayed up late enough to watch Conan O'Brian in college). It turned out to be worth the wait, because Fred Thompson did a nice job with his announcement. Jim Geraghty on National Review has an even-handed assessment.

The bottom line: Fred came off as the serious, down-to-earth, I-don't-care-if-you-like-it-or-not kind of guy we are familiar with. The reason all his TV and movie characters also appear to be this way stems from the fact that Fred is really that guy. My only negative observation, if it is one, is that he did seem a bit, well...old. This doesn't worry me, but it might register negatively with some other segments of our youth-oriented culture. At any rate, it didn't seem to be an issue for Ronald Reagan.

I also happen to think his missing the early debates is a good move. Who wants to be just one guy on a stage of ten with only a handful of thirty-second windows to give a compelling and thorough answer to the great problems of the age? I'm pretty sure more people were watching Leno last night anyway! Anything you can do to set yourself apart at this stage of the game is a smart idea. Will it pay off for Thompson? I guess we'll find out pretty soon.

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Travis said...

I watched Leno just to see Thompson. (Thanks to your tip.) His charm and common sense talk resonated with me. I had just read the Newsweek article on him, and found that what I'd read about him was what I saw and heard from him. His reasoning for not entering the race until now made sense when he explained it. The fact that the GOP candidates were talking about him at their debate only illustrates his contender status. I'm glad a watched.