Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Miracle Baby

This story from The U.K Daily Mail should give pause to anyone who thinks that abortion is "o.k" in the first two trimesters. This tiny sweetheart was born at 25 weeks gestation -15 weeks premature! The Daily Mail calls her a "10 oz bundle of defiance". She is that and then some - a living testimony to why abortion is murder.

Do you look at those early pictures of Kimberly Mueller and see a "fetus"? Let's cut the euphemisms already. Those people who are so eager for choice need to man up and call a baby a baby. You may be for "choice" but you are for choosing to destroy a human being, not a cancer like mass of tissue.

Sometimes I think God is allowing such marvelous scientific advancements so that the so-called wise of this world will continue to be confounded. Grow strong, Baby Kimberly!

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