Friday, October 26, 2007

More Gas on the Fire

Here is another article on Huckabee--from the opposite viewpoint (since we are so fair-and-balanced here)... I actually haven't completely written him off. He is definitely right on the moral issues, but there is more to being the president than holding the line on moral issues... Feel free to battle it out... :)


Stephen said...

I've boiled down my thinking on this to a single observation that I haven't been able to deny.

Mike Huckabee is a Southern Baptist preacher who clearly has a vibrant Christian faith. Fred Thompson admits that he doesn't even go to church.

How can we as Christians say that Fred Thompson will be the better leader?

Philip said...

Bill Clinton was also a Southern Baptist. Being president is about more than going to a Baptist church. Look at Reagan, perhaps the BEST president of the century. He didn't always go to church (and he wasn't a Baptist), yet he was clearly an excellent and wise leader.

Stephen said...

I agree that church attendance and denominational affiliation are tangential issues. That Huckabee is a Southern Baptist preacher is little more than icing on the cake.

The point I'm concerned with is that Huckabee appears to be the only viable nominee that does more than pay lip service to God. Doesn't it count for anything that the man appears to truly know the Lord?