Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another "Duh!" Post from NY Times

This article in the NY Times indicates that there is a link in test scores dropping with how many books are read. Well, as we are known to say in my family, "That ought to lock up that Pulitzer prize you've been wanting."

This paragraph caught my eye:
In seeking to detail the consequences of a decline in reading, the study showed that reading appeared to correlate with other academic achievement. In examining the average 2005 math scores of 12th graders who lived in homes with fewer than 10 books, an analysis of federal Education Department statistics found that those students scored much lower than those who lived in homes with more than 100 books. Although some of those results could be attributed to income gaps, Mr. Iyengar noted that students who lived in homes with more than 100 books but whose parents only completed high school scored higher on math tests than those students whose parents held college degrees (and were therefore likely to earn higher incomes) but who lived in homes with fewer than 10 books.

So having parents who read is possibly more important than having parents who have graduated college? It seems to fly in the face of the conventional wisdom that says we should start children in school earlier and keep them longer.

I understand not everyone enjoys reading as much as Philip or me but c'mon folks: pick up a book! Pick up a real book not some Danielle Steele romance or John Grisham "thriller". As far as the 100 books thing I busted that mark on our Library Thing account a long time ago. And I don't count things that we check out at the library. (53 books currently, including books for the kids)

And, as a full disclaimer, I don't consider myself particularly well read. I've never read Beowulf, most of Dickens, or quite a few other "famous" authors. Maybe I'll read those things with my girls, sooner rather than later.

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