Saturday, November 3, 2007

Baby Defies the Doctors...and his Mother

This story has stirred up some conflicting emotions in me. On the one hand you have a heart-warming story of a baby boy who refused to give up and who has defied his mother's doctors' predictions. On the other hand you have a mother who fully participated in trying to kill him because it would be the "kinder" thing to do and the "best" thing for him.

This is just another instance of the doctors getting it completely wrong and distraught parents going along with the supposed experts. One is forced to wonder how often parents are told that their children have no chance to live and how often parents believe it.

I can't imagine how it must feel to be told one of your babies will die and that his death may cause your other child to die as well. I want to believe that I would leave that in God's hands or "risk them both" in Mrs. Jones' words (the mother in the case linked above). This is just another story demonstrating God's grace we can never deserve. Neither the doctors nor the parents deserve this happy ending but God blessed them with little Gabriel anyway.

Maybe God will use the story of Gabriel Jones to caution us that even the experts don't always (or ever!) know what the future holds.

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