Sunday, November 4, 2007

Clinton Blocking Over 3 Million Documents

Quote from the Newsweek article:

In a letter last year responding to a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative group Judicial Watch, Melissa Walker, supervisory archivist of the Clinton Presidential Library, wrote that archivists had identified 3,022,030 still-unreleased health-care documents, along with 2,884 e-mails and 1,021 photos covered by the group's request. Archives officials at the Clinton library have yet to process the Judicial Watch request or release the several million pages of task-force documents, including many key internal memos written by Mrs. Clinton and her advisers about how to restructure the health-care industry. This prompted the group to file a new lawsuit last week demanding their immediate disclosure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hillary simply cannot afford for people to know what she really thinks about health-care or anything else. Liberals don't win national elections; only candidates who are conservative or who pretend to be have a shot. Wonder why that is...


Travis said...

Obama has actually ran with this, which is a pretty smart move on his part. The DEMS have a tight-rope to walk here, however; because they don't want to provide bullets for the GOP. Do you believe that this will affect her negatively with the Democratic voters?

Philip said...

The only thing that will affect Hillary's standing in the eyes of liberals is her "centrist" leanings. Mainstream democrats want ultra-liberal (and politically inexpedient) policies. No amount of lying or cheating or scandal can hurt her (with democrats), as demonstrated by her husband in the 90s.