Monday, November 5, 2007

Great Book on Capitalism

Even if you think you understand capitalism, you need to read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism by Dr. Robert P. Murphy. This book shatters nearly every politically correct, but wrong, theory of how the economy works, and explains how pure laissez-faire regulation-free capitalism could benefit everyone. Murphy shows how government involvement in economic matters is universally harmful, and his defense of absolute property rights is powerful and refreshing.

The book covers a wide variety of topics, from how Roosevelt actually made the Great Depression worse to why paying CEOs the big bucks is good and why unions are bad. Murphy's solution to overfishing? Allow someone to own the water (fisheries are never overfished). Want to stop poaching elephants in the Serengeti? Allow the land and animals to be owned (cow-poaching is virtually non-existent). Want to end inflation? Disband the Federal Reserve and tie our currency back to gold. Murphy defends "robber-barons" (Rockefeller donated about $550 million to charity back when that was a LOT of money), free trade and outsourcing. He argues that capitalism defeats racism and improves the environment. Reading this book will give you a much better understanding of economics (and better at recognizing when politicians are bending the truth or just flat-out wrong). And I just love the picture on the cover. Get this book today!

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Travis said...

I'll have to pick up this volume. I have enjoyed the P.I.G. books which I have read: Politically Incorrect Guides to US History and the Constitution.