Monday, November 26, 2007

Mark Steyn's Election Overview

Mark Steyn is always great, and this article summarizing the dilemma facing Republican primary voters is no exception. He also demonstrates how the Republican debate is at least better than the Democrat one. A good read, even if he doesn't even bother to mention Thompson... :(


Travis said...

I liked Steyn's article, but I cringe every time I read or hear "Mitt Romney...a Mormon, which, if the press is to be believed, poses certain obstacles for elements of the Christian Right." Steyn qualified the statement with a jab at (himself)the press, but it is a mantra of which I have grown extremely tired. Of course, I do not consider myself a card-carrying member of the "Christian Right", but Romney's Mormonism has no significance for me - pro or con.

Philip said...

I agree.