Friday, January 11, 2008

Falling Into the Trap

I hate to keep invoking the name of Rush Limbaugh, but he seems to be the only one keeping his head during the Republican party meltdown (or at least the meltdown of conservative principles). His great point today? The media and liberal/independent voters are largely controlling the selection of the Republican nominee. The action line for Romney, Giuliani and Thompson is that they must win x, y or z or else they're finished. Meanwhile, no one seems to be putting these kinds of limitations on Huckabee or McCain.

The reason this is happening is because the left wants a left-leaning Republican candidate, so that:
1) The conservative coalition will be torn to pieces,
2) These two candidates will be easier to beat,
3) True conservatives will not show up at the polls, and
4) At least the government gravy train will keep chugging right along no matter who wins in the general election.

One commentator I read today did note that, according to his inbox, everybody's candidate won the debate. I understand that winning a debate is not the same as winning a primary. Even if he doesn't win, at least Thompson was hitting the right issues in a clear and forceful way. If true conservative ideas can't overcome cute one-liners, I'm not sure what else to suggest.

Bottom line: the left wants our nominee to be either Huckabee or McCain. Don't fall into their trap.


Stephen said...

This is no trap, no spin--it's reality. If Thompson, Romney, and Giuliani don't win primaries, they will not win the nomination.

Do you really believe the evil liberal media conspiracy has rigged the RCP poll average and the first two primaries? Ridiculous.

Every day brings us closer to a consensus nominee. Refusing to discuss the two current frontrunners as real possibilities is probably not a good idea.

Philip said...

I'm not accusing media of "rigging" anything other than the daily selection of what to report and what to skip. And I'm happy to discuss the "frontrunners" (whichever one it happens to be for the current 3-day period), I just think the possibility of nominating a liberal is a bad one.

I guess my main point (other than to bash Huckabee and McCain :) is that this race will look completely different at various points in the next few weeks. While we ride the roller coaster, let's not forget about the issues. And let's make sure that real Republicans are making the choices ("evangelicals" included) instead of various wings of the Democratic party making them for us.

todd said...

Are these 4 conspiracy items directly from Rush? I hope they are and not from you - because they are stretch to say the least:

1) The conservative coalition will be torn to pieces **Sorry, that's a 1980s term (or earlier) and dead or alive I've seen no measureable impact, socially or fiscally**

2) These two candidates will be easier to beat
**Just plain wrong -- both parties have stood a solid chance at winning for at least 12 years now -the party unites around primary winner (regardless of differences) and builds on the best chances at a a victory -- Mccain or Huckabee could easily do it**
3) True conservatives will not show up at the polls
**Another ridiculous postulation -- let's assume you are a "true conservative" - are you gonna stand by and just see if Obama gets elected? -- This statement is just shamelessly ignorant. The conservatives will vote, period**
4) At least the government gravy train will keep chugging right along no matter who wins in the general election.
**What was this list even about? The media wanting a liberal republician to win? or lose? what was their strategy again?**

Philip said...

Okay Todd, you win. They are pure speculation (something I usually frown on). Maybe I got a little carried away--however, they could also be true. After all, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you...

Oh wait, I just read your response to number one again. You don't think we're better off because of the eight years of Reagan? Seriously? Reducing the top tax rate from 70% to 28% doesn't really do it for you? Winning the cold war not float your boat? Just checking.

Karen said...

Wow, Todd! I suppose it's possible the 80's were just bad for you as I think it's pretty well accepted that they were good for our country in general.

You're certainly not going to convince my parents that Reagan was anything but wonderful for our country. I confess my first hand memories are somewhat faulty considering I was only 8 when the 80's ended.

As for who would win in a general election both Hilary and Obama are beating all of our supposed "frontrunners" in EVERY poll, for those of you who love polls so much. McCain, Huckabee, and Giuiliani all have plenty of weak points to be exploited in the general and all will tick off some segment of the Republicans who will then not vote (or will vote for a third party).

As for Philip's third point maybe he was just talking about me. :) I can assure you that if Huckabee gets the Republican nod I will not be voting for him. Whether I stay home or vote third party I haven't decided. I haven't ever voted Democrat in a national election and I don't intend to start now. As far as I'm concerned Huckabee just has the wrong letter after his name on the ballot.

"The conservatives will vote period" is naive. Conservatives need someone to vote for. And who are these conservatives of which you speak? I'm seeing very little evidence of much conservatism these days, more's the pity.

todd said...

I get it -- over and over again. . I get it. The DEFINITION of conservative is at risk here (or least in debate).

Karen, it's sad to hear that you'll stay at home or throw away your vote (basically give it to the Democrats). However, I believe you’re in the extreme minority. Most would do all that could to avert disaster instead of cause it.

For you and Philip:
I was also quite young in the 80s but remember my parent's satisfaction with the Reagan administration. He was definitely the right man for the job. It was a time of great light following a time of greater darkness. No arguments there -- I simply don't equate that time-frame as the birth of what is now the conservative collation that's all. In fact, based on what that term connotes now, it’s of no effect on the governing landscape. It does have membership privileges inside the Rush Limbaugh club though and I’m sure you’re proud to carry your card. Rest assured, the “conservative collation" (as I have mildly defined it) will be completely intact after November. They’ll fill the void for the critics and I-told-you-soers aptly.