Friday, January 11, 2008

Huckabee or McCain?

Notwithstanding all the "winning" Thompson seems to be doing lately according to this blog, he's just not doing very well at all in the polls.

To bring up an increasingly practical issue for discussion--do any of our blog participants prefer McCain over Huckabee?


todd said...

So far one policy issue separates them for me -- McCain is an amnesty for illegals man -point blank. Huckabee is durn close to amnesty on some reports so he's on my first to cut list but gets the nod over McCain.

Now, beyond that I have many philosphy concerns with McCain. I don't trust him in appointing a supreme court justice - Huckabee by miles there.

Philip said...

I'm glad somebody can remember this little detail from McCain's past--all the way back from 2007!

Doug said...

Neither of these guys is acceptable. Rush pointed out today that either one is a probable loser to the Democrat's nominee, but were they to win, they'd dismantle the republican Party, so, in effect, we're actually better off with a Democrat. "Sometimes it takes a Carter to get a Reagan," says Limbaugh. Huckabee is not a whit better on any issue that McCain, he's just a more flexible liar. BOTH would appoint liberal judges.

Philip said...

We could use some more comments from you, Doug!