Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McBANE!!! ...I mean, McCAIN!!!

Here are some interesting comparisons to the 1996 election (also notably my first presidential election--and I got to vote against Clinton). We are going to need a miraculous vice president choice to pull this one off... If it's even worth pulling off... :(


todd said...

"the nomination goes to the old guy whom much of the Right distrusts" - I voted in that election also but I don't recall feeling that conservatives didn't trust Dole. Although he didn't have the contasting strength to win many electorials.

Anyway - this McCain business is TERRIBLE. I may be reeling from disappointment but I feel a very nervous appointment awaiting -- the swearing in ceremony for the democrats.

Mark said...

This does sound hauntingly like the 1996 election. Republican base in a malaise not excited about Dole, the aged military hero who had been around Washington for many years (i.e. part of the problem, not the solution). If McCain gets the nomination (and it looks he has it), many conservatives will stay home on Election Day. We have no one for whom to vote.

Huckabee is mysteriously silent about his friend McCain; maybe he is hoping for a VP spot? Huckabee should have dropped out YESTERDAY. He for sure should drop out now. If he doesn’t, the liberal Republicans and Democrats win big on Super Tuesday. Romney is the only semblance of a conservative left. That may be unfortunate, but it is true. Huckabee’s only purpose now is to pull votes from Romney (like he did in Florida) so his friend McCain can win.

How did McCain win Florida? According to the Fox News and CNN exit polls, here’s a profile of the groups who voted for each:

McCain Voter:
•Senior Citizens (60+)
•Pro-abortion (leave it like it is)
•Never or rarely attend church
•Hispanic or Cuban
•High school graduate or less
•Post-graduate (phd+)
•Amnesty for illegals
•Consider themselves “independent”
•Consider themselves “liberal”
•Consider themselves “moderate”

Romney Voter:
•Attend church weekly or monthly
•College Graduates
•Opposed to amnesty for illegals
•Illegals should be deported
•Consider themselves “conservative”
•Thinks tax cuts critical to economy

There’s no question which group I identify with: Romney.

I have seen reports that as much as 20% of McCain’s votes in Florida were cast by non-Republicans—Democrats, Independents. The Democrats made their primary Florida invalid, so, with nothing tom lose, many, many Dems voted in the Republican Primary for Mr. McCain, giving him the required margin of victory.

To quote Don Merideth on Monday Night Football, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” Sad but I fear true.

I am headed out today to vote early for Romney.

Philip said...

Well put.