Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michelle Malkin Doesn't Believe Him Either

I keep thinking I want to just forget about Mike Huckabee forever and never post one more word about him. But then I think, hey, why not just keep piling it on?

Michelle Malkin (yet another real conservative) also doesn't think Huckabee is being above board, specifically on illegal immigration. This one even includes a nice (and highly evasive) little back-and-forth with Laura Ingraham.


Stephen said...

You think talking about him's bad--just wait until you have to vote for him!

Stephen said...

Make that: just wait until he's your president!

Philip said...

Somewhere, a liberal journalist is smiling (...if only Huckabee can win the nomination ...if only Huckabee can win the nomination ...if only...).