Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pre-Iowa Round-Up

John O'Sullivan gives us the low-down on the current Republican position. Very insightful...

Also, I wanted to include just a short note to all you Hucksters. Rush actually came out and admitted it today: "Huckabee is not a conservative." You can accuse me of all manner of partisanship or lack of facts/brainpower, but you can't say that about Rush. He even addressed our discussion of priorities (abortion or taxes, etc.). His answer was that conservatism is a total package, either you are or you aren't. I like to think my answer is a bit more nuanced, but the point is that Rush won't throw all his conservative principles under the bus just to support someone who is extremely pro-life. He doesn't want someone who supports abortion, but he refuses to let that one issue (for which the president can do precious little) blind him to all others.


todd said...

What’s the rush Rush? Aren’t we just really getting started with this election process?
I CAN levy one thing against Rush (despite his smarts). He talks about Rush too much. Pride is his favorite sin. In fact, this series of lobs that he’s hurling at Huckabee is just Rush claiming his space as THE dominant conservative mouth on the airways (Paraphrasing – ‘Huckabee said this about me, Rush’ Huckabee respects me, Rush, but that don’t make him a conservative’ etc.) That is not so say that Huckabee shouldn’t answer to some of the “conservative line” concerns out there, however the self-important Rush has spoken and there pretty much ends the assessment from him. . .which isn’t worth that much now that Rush has personal reasons clouding the discussion. It’s more than just his stance – it’s his arrogance.
Anyway, all that should not be construed as me casting my vote for Huckabee, just against Rush’s rush to set his course.

Philip said...

Thanks for the comment!

I agree that Rush tends to become very animated when criticism is leveled at him. He also likes to come off as self-important (though he denies it). My main point in citing Rush was to help part Huckabee supporters from their mistaken view that he is a conservative. Regardless of his motives, Rush made a strong case for Huckabee being, in many ways, a liberal or moderate. Huckabee's past history as a tax-and-spend governor can't be swept away just because Rush happened to be rankled at the time.

Rush would argue that he still has not endorsed any candidate, and even his comments about Huckabee are prefaced with the admission that he is probably a nice guy, just not a conservative.