Wednesday, January 16, 2008

South Carolina primary update

In the interest of changing the subject (sort of), McCain has pulled ahead in the South Carolina RCP poll average. The McCain/Huckabee showdown coming up this Saturday is going to be very interesting.

Another potential outcome of South Carolina is the withdrawal of Fred Thompson. If Thompson is unable to make a strong showing in this first Southern state primary, where he once led the field a few months ago, it could be devastating to his campaign.


Anonymous said...

Oh no.....we didn't make Karen mad did we?


Philip said...

In other news: The sky is blue.

Stephen said...

McCain pulling ahead in S.C. was news to me! The Fred Thompson thing, well ... I guess it's a little more obvious.

todd said...

I'd hate to see Fred pull out before super Tuesday -- I'm mildly interested to see what he's really got.

McCain winning the nomination is one of the worst outcomes I can imagine.

Philip said...