Monday, January 14, 2008


Seriously, this is the most honest and accurate account of the current crisis facing the Republican Party and, more specifically, true conservative principles. And it's by Jonah Goldberg writing in the Washington Post, so you know it will be good! If you could only read one article on this blog today, you should choose this one...


todd said...

That is a good article -- I respect the candor and perspective even if I don't entirely agree with the assessment.

From reading a tad on your blog I learn the value you put on the "big government" principle (or how you despise it rather).

I get your drift and agree with it. The writer is correct in how this topic (in specific) seems to have dwindled in importance to voters. This is true and surely a shame. Plainly spoken, our government is ALWAYS in danger of getting way out of control.

Other than the fact that Thompson is campaigning as a card carrying Reaganite, can we really say that he is definitively unlike other contenders? (who are supposedly going to enlarge the government for sure?)
If so, I don't that case has been clearly made in the voter's eye - including mine for that matter.

Philip said...

I'm glad you liked it. So it sounds like we agree that limited government is a good thing. Now all that remains is to figure out which candidate is really for limited government and support him.

I can also admit that, for whatever reason, Thompson has not been able to effectively communicate to voters (although he came closer in the last debate).

Regardless of who wins, we must stay dedicated to limited government.