Thursday, February 7, 2008

Archbishop in UK in Favor of Sharia Law

This is a telling follow-up on my post from yesterday concerning Saudi Arabia. The incredulous Archbishop of Canterbury (infamously rejecting the Nativity as a myth last December) is at it again, this time arguing for the adoption of sharia law in the UK. He envisions a system where sharia law exists side by side with British law. Muslims would then be free to choose between the two systems depending on which would be most "compatible" with their religious views.

"The Archbishop of Canterbury has today said that the adoption of Islamic Sharia law in the UK is 'unavoidable' and that it would help maintain social cohesion."

"Rowan Williams told BBC Radio 4's World At One that the UK has to 'face up to the fact' that some of its citizens do not relate to the British legal system."

We have a few people in our country who "don't relate" to our laws. We call them criminals. This sort of thinking comes directly from the ubiquitous concept of multiculturalism, taught with such fervency in our public schools, enshrined in newspaper columns and celebrated in the halls of congress. When a person accepts the notion that all cultures are equal, he must consequently reject the supremacy (or even basic decency) of his own culture. Abandoning our traditional Judeo-Christian Western culture leaves us powerless to criticize and oppose the evil inherent in lesser cultures. Islamic culture is not just different, it is dangerous.


All Hail The Xenu, Like I Do!! said...

I was listening to a discussion about this issue on the BBC World Service when someone said that there were Jewish courts in the UK so why should there not be Sharia courts. I did not even know there were Jewish courts, with legal authority in Britain. Why on earth do Jewish people have a separate court system, how did that come about?! I thought, being British, I lived in a secular country but apparently not! Just another reason, in my opinion, to abolish the House of Lords and give the British people the power! Jewish courts, what next, Mormon courts, Scientologist courts...?!?

Philip said...

Being an American, I can't claim to have much understanding of the British legal system. However, it does seem preposterous that different laws could exist for different people. This is the exact opposite of freedom and democracy!

Of course, the Muslims aren't ultimately seeking coexistence with Western society, any more than Palestinians will be satisfied with a state that only neighbors, but does not occupy, the nation of Israel. The Islamic world seeks (quite openly) a worldwide caliphate--a place having no diversity, no tolerance, no dissent and no freedom.