Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baptist Politics

Todd thought it might be time to discuss this interesting Baptist-related story going around. Reading that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton helped organize the event told me everything I needed to know...


todd said...

You know I actually just glanced on the article - didn't catch that Carter and Clinton were organizing. Now what's the deal with these guys and making a big production of their "faith".

I've heard so little from them about anything truly biblically based. They've had plenty of opportunity to point to the Bible and Jesus Christ but they never seem to get anything out but 'love everyone and have hope' and maybe occasionally 'pray for peace'.

I watched Carter and Clinton both speak at the dedication of Billy Graham's museum and just couldn't believe that they couldn't eek out the word Jesus. I'd have to assume their motivations are politcal only.

To be honest, this is a reason (whether rational or not) that I have hesitated on Huckabee from time to time. He's a clear example of a Christian leader -- but what if he's a phony? Talk about damage and disgrace. Yet, being a true phony is the only way it could be a disgrace. If Clinton had displayed biblical repentance during his failures (and claimed his personal submission to God's better way) he could have been a great testimony to real faith.

Anyway, I'm really rambling here - maybe someone will latch onto sometime and comment more.

Philip said...

It took people a long time to figure out that Jimmy Swaggart was only a fraud. Some people just have a knack for making themselves appear truly sincere. The best liars actually come to believe their own lies. By their deeds you will know them...

Mark said...

I was wondering when this topic would surface and I’m glad Todd brought it forth. I have seen two articles on it in our Lebanon, TN newspaper within the past week. The assembly calling themselves "The Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant” is troubling at best and heretical at worst. Here’s why they are dangerous to real Baptists:

1. They are ecumenical (i.e. “can’t we all just get along?”). Baptists through the centuries have been historically anti-ecumenical. They don’t compromise their Bible doctrine in order to have (false) “fellowship” with pedo-Baptists.
2. They have zero church authority to establish a “new covenant”.
3. The leaders and people in the forefront are rank liberals and socialists (and coincidentally, Democrats):
a. Jimmy Cater: calls this new covenant “the most momentous event in my religious life” (more than his salvation?)
b. Bill Clinton: Enough said; Bill’s encouraging words were “We might all be wrong!”
c. Al Gore: The High Priest of the Church of Global Warming
4. No criticism was allowed in the meeting: just like abortion, evolution, and global warming—it’s not debatable! If you’ve been in a Baptist business meeting you know this is not Baptistic at all!
5. “The meeting involved 30 “Baptist” groups and spans a range of theological and political beliefs.” Everything from women deacons and preachers (a woman preacher attended) to same-sex marriages. Carter said “We can disagree on the death penalty, homosexuality, and the role of women (in the family and the church) and still bind our hearts together.” Really?
6. They say that the literal interpretation of scripture leads to “exclusionary practices that weaken churches.” I guess he means historical Baptist and Bible distinctives including closed communion, believer’s baptism, and church discipline.

todd said...

Yeah Mark, I'm getting the picture and little clearer now. I just browsed the "convenant celebration" website and wow!
It's just like the Bible needs to be held extremely loose on its authority and compared alongside the prevailing winds of human reason. One would think that the Holy Spirit might quickly expose this deceit -- it will be so sad if this attempt at a movement gains any endorsement by any historic denomination.

Anonymous said...

"If Clinton had displayed biblical repentance during his failures (and claimed his personal submission to God's better way) he could have been a great testimony to real faith."

Because Clinton was the one who let 9/11 slide by to further his political agenda.

And Clinton was the one who got us $10 trillion in debt.

And Clinton's presidency wasn't the one under which America saw a surplus in the Fed's budget for the first time in a century.

Yea, Clinton is the one who needs to "be saved" right?

Ya'll just mad that Clinton is a pimp and can still run this country better than any of these uneducated hick fools we seem to keep "electing."

Sorry, I forgot we do not 'elect' officials here.