Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fred Thompson endorses McCain ... again!

I don't know how I missed last Friday's story that Fred Thompson has endorsed John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination.

What's more interesting (Google reminded me) is that Thompson also endorsed McCain in 2000!


todd said...
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todd said...

McCain should get endorsed by Hannah Montana and Brad Pitt (and Hillary Clinton) that only would change his slim odds of defeating Obama head to head. The die is cast.

mark said...

He (Fred) really didn't have much of a choice. Romney endorsed McCain today. Huckabee will in time. Paul will never.

Travis said...

I noticed the announcement, and was wondering if you'd comment on it. It was expected, and I'm only surprised that he didn't announce support for McCain immediately following his withdrawal from the race.

Romney is supporting McCain now as well, while my man Huck is headed for the Caymans. Hey, a man has to eat. He is showing sound fiscal principles!