Wednesday, February 6, 2008

McCain Breaks Away--Republicans Crack Up

So now that the dust is settling from a very strong showing for McCain (in all those "open" primaries full of liberals), what is our next focus? According to Mark Levin, we need to make sure we concentrate on conserving as many congressional seats as possible to help stifle the effects of having a Democrat president--since McCain will be losing the general election big time.


Stephen said...

McCain's chances in the general election are widely seen as good. At the very least, it's way too early to be predicting a complete general election shutout.

The latest RCP head-to-head poll averages show McCain beating Clinton and within one percent of Obama.

The best shot the Dems have at winning the election is if the anti-McCain faction insists on shooting us in the foot.

Philip said...

Did you even read the Levin piece. He makes a pretty good case. All McCain's liberal and independent support will just vote for the Democrats in the general. He will also fail to carry the southern states, just as he did last night.

Philip said...

Mark Steyn also has some good analysis.