Wednesday, February 6, 2008

McCain Endorsed by Republicans for Choice

Apparently, the Republicans for Choice know that McCain is really on their side, even though he claims to be pro-life. A key quote:

"While he is personally 'pro life' he has time and again reached out and worked with people across the spectrum. We know we can work with him to create common ground that will allow moderates and conservatives to come together to rebuild the GOP."


Stephen said...

National Right to Life had a few nice things to say about him too:

"National Right to Life is also grateful for the strong pro-life voting record on abortion of Senator John McCain, and appreciates the pro-life position he has taken in his Senate campaigns and in this presidential campaign."

Which is more than they could say for Mitt Romney.

The fact that some kooky group somewhere said something about McCain is meaningless.

Philip said...

That's not the tune they were singing in 2000.

Philip said...

I'll grant you that Romney's not much better, but I'm not the one voting solely on the issue of abortion.