Thursday, February 21, 2008

Passenger Caught with Box Cutter in FL

A Florida paper reports that 21-year-old Benjamin Baines was arrested at Tampa International Airport yesterday when he tried to go through security with a box cutter in a hollowed-out book titled Fear Itself. He claimed at various times that it was his cousin's and that it was for hiding drugs and that he forgot about the knife. His name is not Muhammad, so maybe he wasn't a terrorist except that:

Officers found books in the backpack titled "Muhammad in the Bible," "The Prophet's Prayer" and "The Noble Qur'an." He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible.

Several sheets of paper in the backpack included rap lyrics that referred to police, narcotics, weapons and killing. Baines told officers he is a rapper who writes his own lyrics and that rap music writers need to "play the part," the report states.

So, harmless punk or 9-11 wannabe? We have seen this odd connection between Islam and rap music before during the street riots in France a while back. The French "youths" were (and are still) immersed in a culture of anti-state, pro-jihad, profanity-filled, extremely violent rap music. This is the wave of the future. Our culture tolerates the "music" and intolerant, anti-American Islamic culture at its own peril.

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