Friday, February 8, 2008

WSJ: McCain's Veep Options

Pat Toomey's piece from today's WSJ is an interesting rundown of potential VPs for the Republican ticket.

On Huckabee, he opines:

"Some have suggested Mike Huckabee. But that's a legacy of a hard fought primary season. Moving forward, Mr. Huckabee on the ticket would be a disaster. The former governor has a record of raising taxes and increasing spending. Picking him would only make it more likely that conservatives will sit on their hands come November."

I agree with Mr. Toomey. Sure, I like Huckabee, but it seems pretty clear that choosing him for VP is not a winning election strategy. Whether fairly or unfairly, Mike Huckabee has faced rabid opposition from many conservatives. McCain would risk further incensing and alienating this segment of the party by picking Huckabee.

Choosing a VP with the credentials of a strong fiscal conservative may be just the olive branch McCain needs to unify the GOP. As Toomey points out, he has many options, including South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, and even Forbes Inc. CEO Steve Forbes.


Philip said...

You are correct, sir!

Travis said...

That is what I'd expect the President for the Club of Growth to say. The only name on his list with which I am familiar is Mike Pence. Dearborn county is split into two congressional districts - 6 and 9 - the 6th is Pence's and it is the norther section of the county. I resided in the 9th, but I knew some people who were in his district and campaigned for him. He is a solid conservative on every issue. But would this guy make a solid VP choice?

Obviously, I wouldn't have a problem with Huckabee on the ticket. I think Fred would be an excellent choice as well (Wasn't he the co-sponser of McCain-Feingold?), but two white male senior citizens going up against a woman and the young black rock star might sway undecided voters to the DEMS. I know that is sad, but that is the climate in which we live.

I'm interested in McCain's VP selection. Do you two have any guesses?

Philip said...

Travis - This is something Karen and I have come to as well. McCain better not pick another old white guy. We need someone like Michael Steele, or maybe a strong conservative woman...

If he wasn't tied down in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal would be a good choice. His time will come...