Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschooling Curbed in CA

A recent judicial ruling in California severely limits parents' ability to homeschool their children in that state. The San Francisco Chronicle has a fairly descriptive story. However, not all groups are convinced that this decision will have the crushing impact feared by many. Ace of Spades makes some interesting clarifications. See the comments for a lively discussion.

Despite the specifics of this case, it is clear that liberal educrats and teacher unions will use any means available to curtail and/or end homeschooling as an option for American parents. These liberals understand the benefit of shaping the next generation inside the classroom where liberal values (eco-friendliness, anti-capitalism, pro-homosexual, evolution, anti-American, etc.) can be dispensed without the inconvenience of an opposing viewpoint. They see (correctly) that homeschooling poses the greatest threat to their education monopoly.

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