Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Operation Chaos: Working

McCain is finally benefiting from Democrat in-fighting, polling above either Dem candidate for the first time. Rush's "plan" to throw support to the losing Clinton campaign to undercut Obama seems to be working. However, Obama may be losing his lead due to the influence of Sean Hannity and others who have been harping on Obama's troubled connections to his inflammatory anti-American pastor. The more people hear Rev. Wright's hate-filled race-baiting and the like, the more they wake up from their Obama-induced trance.

This brings us ever closer to the ultimate Republican scenario: Obama wins the popular vote, but Hillary wins the nomination (due to super-delegate turn-around or dirty tricks). This would throw the Democrats into utter chaos and leave the eventual nominee with little chance to campaign for the top job.

Meanwhile, McCain sits back and looks, well...presidential.

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