Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saddam Paid For Dems to Visit Iraq!

Remember when those Democrats kept going over to Iraq in an effort to weaken Bush's hand in shutting down the Iraqi terror machine? It looks like Saddam himself was paying the bills! We can now add Democrats to the list of those being paid off by Saddam, including the leaders of France, Germany and Russia as well as half the UN. Let's see--which countries (and party) opposed our invasion of Iraq? Right...

And please don't try to give me any lines about no WMDs. The intelligence on that stuff was real. If they didn't exist, Saddam could have just let the inspectors do what they pleased rather than go through with a war he had no chance of winning and that would ultimately lead to his execution. Instead, he hindered them, tricked them, lied to them, and threw them out altogether over and over and over again. Innocent people don't act that way. Iraq is much better off now than under Saddam. And so are we.

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Karen said...

"So say we all"!