Sunday, April 20, 2008

FLDS: Waco, the Sequel

First off, let me admit that I know very little of the details concerning the recent removal of over 400 children from the FLDS ranch in Texas. Let me also state that I do not endorse either their religious beliefs or social practices. However, Karen has been reading some disturbing stories on The Common Room blog, to which I would direct your attention. The whole blog has become something of a clearing house for information (transcripts, news reports, etc.) about this event.

From the beginning, the government has handled this case in an appalling manner. From the now false anonymous accusation that led to the initial investigation of the compound, to the illegal warrant used to search that compound and remove children from their mothers' care, to the judge's unwillingness to reinstate custody for these children even after promises to leave the FLDS group (a decision that took all of five minutes), Texas law enforcement and judicial officers have encroached upon several basic rights guaranteed in the constitution.

While the charge of polygamy does tend to raise eyebrows (as it should), it is interesting to note that no one inside the FLDS compound was actually married to more than one person. In a sense, the group's activities are similar to other (more culturally relevant) groups who also promote multiple partners in the name of freedom, etc. Far more shocking is where the logic takes us. Suppose the government doesn't like my religion (I'm one of those wacky homeschoolers, after all--and an Independent Baptist to boot). Should they be allows to remove my children until they "assess the situation" for themselves? I certainly hope not.

Anyway, do some catching up on this unusual and chilling story. I believe some of your initial reactions will be confronted and redirected, as were some of mine. Whenever government officials can be seen separating child from parent, we should ask some very tough questions.


mark said...

I was thinking the same thing. . .if they can legally do it to them, they can do it to anyone they see as "fundamentalist".

Philip said...

You got it.