Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day: Grab a Sweater

An Earth Day celebration in Canada was nearly canceled due to blizzard conditions. Global warming is never there when you need it! I think today would be a great time for us to turn on all the appliances and lights in our homes, take a few one-person-in-the-car trips around our neighborhoods in the least fuel efficient vehicle we own, and maybe even burn some grass clippings (if this is illegal in your town, you might have to make an *extra* trip into the country or something). All the people in the world burning a pile of leaves at the same time would have about as much of an effect as everyone jumping at the same moment--ZERO.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

You can't believe how close I was to posting a "Happy Earth Day" message.

It was going to go something like this:

Happy Earth Day!

[this picture]

A little known fact:

"Fred Thompson took over what was Al Gore's Senate seat, thereby dramatically reducing the Senate's carbon footprint. Fred Thompson then created carbon offset offsets by wastefully burning hippies."

Philip said...

Nice one!