Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stop Reading This and GO BUY RICE!

In case you haven't heard, the price of rice is OUT OF CONTROL. Here is an interesting news video to prove it. Here's a bit more information from the Guardian. Apparently, this is due to mainly 1.) the rice shortage in the Philippines and 2.) people in Asia eating lots more of it. I don't get that...

To combat rising domestic prices, major rice-exporting countries have stopping shipping so much, thus decreasing the amount of rice on the world market. Here in North America a number of Filipino residents have been filling shipping containers with rice and sending them to the Philippines themselves. Also, restaurant owners have been laying in a supply to combat future price increases. All this has now made its way to your local Sam's (if you live in California).

The Rice council guy on the NBC story confidently states that we have plenty of rice here. Also, the story itself admits that much of this situation is media hype. For example, people in Africa and Haiti are rioting about the rice prices--but its probably more to do with their dictatorial systems of government. We are not soon to join in here in America. Everyone needs to sit back and chill while the MARKET "fixes" this "problem."

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