Monday, May 5, 2008

Democrats Want Expensive Gas

NRO's David Freddoso has a great piece out today about the Democrats' inability to reconcile their desire to pander to voters by decrying high gas prices and their obsession with global warming and reducing carbon emissions. It's a great point--here's a nice section:

"If 'greedy oil companies' are indeed to blame for the current high prices, Democrats should thank them for saving the planet instead of cynically (and absurdly) scolding them for 'price-gouging' in an attempt to deceive voters. It makes little difference to your bottom line, to the economy, or to the environment whether you are shaken down by carbon taxes and regulations or by an oil producer. The end result is the same — less atmospheric carbon dioxide."

By the way, he argues this without granting that reduced emissions will accomplish anything--which they certainly won't...

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