Thursday, July 3, 2008

ANWR Pictures

I got a good forward the other day with some nice pictures of ANWR (that pristine wildlife park in beautiful Alaska just filled with oil):

This is NOT what it looks like:

This IS what it looks like (in winter):

And here it is in summer:

Here's how the wildlife react to the nearby Prudhoe Bay site:

Seriously, what are we waiting for? McCain could sweep every state if he promises to open this up! Oil independence is THE issue this time around. Let's get it done!


Travis said...

I completely agree! Check out this funny Michael Ramirez cartoon about this very topic.

Philip said...

Good one!

sara said...

Finally the voice of reason! I just found your blog (after researching the effects of breaking one of those new compact energy saving bulbs...which I did yesterday) and am loving it so far.

I honestly can't understand why even the liberals--given the skyrocketing oil prices--aren't in favor of sacrificing a couple of acres in the frozen tundra...

Philip said...

They aren't in favor of it because they want high gas prices. This furthers their goal of blaming Bush for everything bad in the world while at the same time opens the door for more government-based "solutions" (otherwise known as socialism).

Welcome aboard!