Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CO2 Good For Plants

I guess this story is for those readers who got their science education off the back of a cereal box. I'm pretty sure most people know that plants like CO2. Nevertheless, German scientists have been hard at work to prove just that. Actually, they wanted to see what happens to plants when they are exposed to higher levels of CO2. The result? They love it! The plants just grow bigger. Of course, they go out of their way to say that this mean we can quit cutting CO2 emissions (at great expense)--probably because they want to keep their jobs!

Just a quick global warming fact roundup:
1. We can't cause or stop "global warming" (or cooling, for that matter). This is mainly due to solar activity.
2. Global warming (or cooling) isn't necessarily that bad anyway. Bigger plants! More farmland! Warmer climate!
3. Politicians want to use this issue to secure more power and control over citizens, remaking the world into a fascist utopian wonderland.

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