Sunday, August 17, 2008

Atheists at the Wilson County Fair

This comes in a little late for any atheists wanting a special discount to the Wilson County fair in Lebanon, Tennessee (where, BTW, my Mom won a blue ribbon and best of show for her quilt). It seems that today was "God & Country Day" at the fair; those who brought a bulletin from church got $2 off admission.

The atheists of Tennessee simply could not allow such blatant anti-atheist discrimination to stand. So they lodged a giant protest and got a deal whereby atheists and other non-Christians (who would never miss God & Country Day at the fair) could get the discount as well, so long as they presented any kind of paper with their religion (or lack of religion) clearly stated. Way to go atheists! If only you'd gotten them to throw in a Fried Twinkie on a Stick...

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Mark said...

As it turns out just a handful of the "athiests" showed up for God and Country Day. There were many many more Christians wearing t-shirts with things like "God loves atheists too!"