Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fred's Speech

. . . was awesome! Check it out here. I might actually enjoy voting for McCain now! My joy over Palin still stands at "maxed out."


Travis said...

As I watched Fred last night I couldn't help but think that you were giddily enthralled in front of your TV. He did a great job, and like you I am still happy with the Palin pick.

Philip said...

Giddy like a school girl: It was just like watching the Beatles on Sullivan!

The worst part was having to read all the NRO commentary afterward:
"If only he'd talked like that during the 2 seconds we paid attention to him because we were gushing over Romney during the primary!" Well, okay, so I added a little bit to what they said, but it's a pretty close translation. If only, indeed...

The more I hear about Palin, the more my bitterness melts away!