Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lebanon Rally

Today, we decided to attend the big McCain-Palin rally in Lebanon, Ohio. We all got up bright and early, ate breakfast and loaded into the minivan. Just as we got to the Lebanon exit, some guy on the radio said they were already turning people away. But, with nothing to lose, we continued into town. We parked about a mile away and followed the crowds to Main St. We found a line to stand in, and soon we found ourselves entering the main area.

As you can see it was packed! But at least we could hear some of the words . . .

Then we passed through a gate, just as security personnel closed it off. We were only seconds away from being shut out at the back. Even this area filled quickly. Meanwhile, we shuffled through security. All umbrellas had to be abandoned at this point. We never saw ours again, but we left with one that looked very similar!

And so, we got into the rally! What a crowd!

The girls were pretty excited about it. I held them up for a (very little) bit of it, so they could see some of the speakers.

When we got there (about 10:00), Anthony Munoz was just finishing up his remarks. Personal Note: Karen and I ate at the Golden Lamb for one of our first anniversaries--very nice place, great service.

After a few campaign songs (they even dared to play "Barracuda"), the Straight Talk Express rolled up and out came our 2008 Republican ticket! We didn't get to see all that much of this part due to the frantic waving of signs and cheering. Gov. Palin spoke first, mostly repeating the high notes from her convention speech. But it was awesome to hear her say it live!

Here's my favorite picture: Mr. and Mrs. Palin and some guy in a light blue shirt. Actually, McCain was very warmly received and I find that he's really starting to grow on me. That will probably dissipate about the time he "mavericks" us all a few weeks after the election, but right now, I really like the guy. Regardless, Sarah was THE reason we made the trip, and I don't think we were alone.

We decided to leave just before McCain got finished (about 11:00). Here's a shot of the bus. We got to see it again as it was heading south on I-71 (which they blocked for the occasion). Then we grabbed a bite to eat and hit a few bookstores . . . our definition of a great day!


Anonymous said...

So glad you attended! The local news coverage was, I think, fair and enthusiastic.

Pastor Dad

Travis said...

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite - "Lucky!"

I especially appreciated the picture of the "Democrat for McCain/Palin" sign.

The GOP is energized for the first time in this seemingly never ending race. Until recently only the DEMS had the momentum. I believe this has the Obama camp reeling just a bit, and the MSM is in a frenzy because they fear that McCain might actually win.

The Palin pick has certainly made the race interesting.

Philip said...

We were definitely doing the Napoleon fist-pump-yes a lot yesterday. In case it's not completely obvious, we are VERY excited about her being part of the ticket! She's even made me start rethinking my views on McCain! Crazy stuff going on--it's been fun watching the Dems freak out . . .