Thursday, September 11, 2008

Other Blogs Weigh In

Two of my favorite blogs have weighed in on Sarah Palin:

Barbara Curtis, especially here and here. Fair warning: Curtis is now a practicing Catholic. Doesn't bother me, might bother you. Curtis is the mother of twelve children (four with Down Syndrome - 1 biological, 3 adopted), author of multiple parenting books and teaching guides, and contributor to Focus on the Family.

Spunky, especially here, here, and here. Spunky is a homeschooling mom of six and her blog is always sharp, insightful, and a daily "must read" for me.

For the record, Spunky has not decided whether she'll vote for McCain-Palin. Barbara Curtis is supporting them wholeheartedly. Regardless of their view of the election, they both comment on the attacks of the far left (mainstream media) and the far right (Vision Forum). Anything that has Doug Phillips "holding hands" in unity with Gloria Steinem, as one of Spunky's commenters put it, is enough to give me pause.

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Stephen said...

That Voddie Baucham video linked on Spunky's blog is great.