Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Speech

And I thought Thompson's speech was good! Sarah Palin exceeded all (even ridiculously high) expectations. She was calm and in control; the nasty attacks of the past few days seemed to just roll right off her back. The looks on the PBS folks afterward . . . just amazing. They were visibly shocked by how perfect it was. Someone doing some live blogging said that CNN was just showing the "entertainment" for quite a while after the speech--no doubt hysterically waiting for the DNC to fax over those talking points! We are literally watching the future of the Republican party unfold before us. McCain is the luckiest guy in the world!

BTW, all the other speeches were great, too. Steele, Romney, Giuliani and even Huckabee seemed to really hit the right notes tonight. Finally, I am excited about being a Republican again!


todd said...

Hey, couldn't agree more.

I'm usually not given much hype (and I'm still fully aware this is after all a campaign) but the republicans certainly have "the ticket". . . and I couldn't be more shocked about it.

I'm actually more enthusiastic than I was when both Bushs ran.

Philip said...

I know what you mean. I was so not enthused with McCain. Now, I'm counting down the days until I get to fill in that little rectangle on my scantron ballot!

todd said...

I'll be pulling the lever myself, but I also think it's time I gave some money to this effort (a first for me and presidential candidates).

These conventions have me a little quaky about how important this election could be for our country. I want to be behind McCain/Palin in as definitive a way possible.

Philip said...

Right on!