Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recipe For Voter Fraud In Ohio

Our liberal Secretary of State has cooked up a new scheme to deliver the state to Obama: Mass early registration and voting at the same time! Show up, register and cast your vote. The only step missing is the part where they check to see if you are a citizen/adult/non-criminal/etc. Meanwhile, they've been making good use of the time, hauling in folks by the bus-load from homeless shelters and the like. Deroy Murdock makes some great points in his piece today.

Ohioans need to find some sharp, non-criminal and conservative Republicans to elect ASAP. Governor Taft destroyed our party. It's high time we started putting it back together.

UPDATE: More disturbing info: voters from Chicago and no observers allowed! And here's FOX reporting on it. That last one will BLOW YOUR MIND.

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