Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Imperfect World

A few things have me thinking in these last few hours before election day. This spirited post & discussion over at The Common Room on voting, third party voting, and the like, for one.

And don't miss Dominion Family. Cindy has posted a video on why she won't vote third party, a common sense reminder on life after the election, and a great Mark Steyn quote, among other things, for another:

McCain vs Obama is not the choice many of us would have liked in an ideal world. But then it’s not an “ideal world”, and the belief that it can be made so is one of the things that separates those who think Obama will “heal the planet” and those of us who support McCain faute de mieux. - Mark Steyn

No, John McCain is not my first choice. And I protested that by voting for Fred in the primary even though he had already dropped out. But Obama is my ABSOLUTE LAST CHOICE. I'll take the 98% pro-life candidate over the 100% pro-death infanticide apologist any day. I'll take Sarah Palin over Joseph J-O-B-S is a Three Letter Word Biden any day, every day.

Maybe in an uncontested state (Texas?) you have the privilege of a "protest vote". Here in Ohio, where every vote counts, and illegal votes count more than others, I will not treat my vote so callously.

Maybe my point of view is different because I'm a woman. Because I'm a mother. I can just imagine my oldest one day asking me, "Mommy, why is it illegal for blogs to disagree with President Obama?" and having to answer, "Because, Sweetie, Mommy voted for Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, a third party candidate." Even worse, I can imagine all the strides forward we've made on life issues being swept away. (Parental consent laws, Partial-Birth ban, born alive protection, etc.)

There are no perfect candidates. No perfect turn-outs. No perfect situations. No perfect voters. The world isn't perfect. It won't be perfect until Jesus comes again and Obama isn't Him, no matter how many magazine covers give him a halo.

Each of us makes choices every day that aren't perfect. (Where to attend church, for example. I've yet to find a perfect one. Must be all those imperfect people inside or, at the very least, all those less than perfect pastors. I get to say that because both my dad and my husband are pastors. And they're this close to perfect, anyway.)

And, because I can, here's a scripture exhortation: "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small." Proverbs 24:10.

Some of you are fainting. This is not the time to faint. This is fighting time. Maybe I'm fighting for my girls. Maybe I'm fighting for the good of my country. Maybe I'm fighting so that my testimony as a Christian is not mocked. All I know is I am not ready to roll over and let evil sweep over me. I'm not fainting. No matter who wins the election, our work is cut out for us. Don't rest. Don't faint.


Gail said...

"Mommy, why is it illegal for blogs to disagree with President Obama?" and having to answer, "Because, Sweetie, Mommy voted for Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, a third party candidate."
I got a better answer, because God is sovereign and he is in control.
Make no mistake when Obama is elected (and he will be according to all the polls) it will be because God wanted it that way.
"Duty is ours Results are Gods" - John Quincy Adams.
I swear you guys just mention Chuck to get me to post on your blog LOL

Gail said...

Oh I can't speak for everyone voting 3rd party, but my vote is not a protest, My vote is for the best candidate that matches the values I have.
It's not a wasted vote, it does not help obama because if obama and mcain were truly my only two choices I would not vote. They are BOTH very evil I try to flee evil. I am thankful they are not the only choices.
I know you were speaking off the cuff so to speak but to say mcain is 98% anti abortion is comical his record speaks for itself...

Philip said...

That's nice. Just blame God for all your decisions. I realize that God is sovereign, but that doesn't mean our actions don't have consequences.