Friday, November 7, 2008

More Assessment

For anyone concerned that the Republican Party has just been too conservative, Mark Steyn has this to say:

. . . As I said on the post-2006 NR cruise, it requires a perverse genius on Bush's part to get damned as a lunatic right-wing cowboy when 90% of the time he's Tony Blair with a ranch. As we've seen these last few months, John McCain was so accustomed to running against his party the old dog was incapable of learning the entirely novel trick of running for it. What about the other star names in this year's primary season: Rudy Giuliani? Well, there's a pro-life gun-nut. Mitt Romney? Technocrat governor of a deep blue state. Mike Huckabee? Compassionate conservatism on steroids.

In other words, I don't think the problem these last few years has been "right-wing extremism".

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Gail said...

yeah the problem is lack of conservatism, lack of small government policy! Yet republicans still vote in these congressmen and senators because they feel they have too. the article you posted the other day where the guy said it is time to reform the republican party and get back to it's roots said it all!