Friday, December 5, 2008

Ken Blackwell To Run For RNC Chairman

I rarely get news items via Facebook, but I happen to be "friends" with Ken Blackwell (former Ohio Sec. of State) and I get updates from him. Here is his announcement on Facebook (you might have to be on FB to access it). His website is not yet up and running. Ken is the kind of true conservative we need at such a critical time for the Republican Party.


Karabeth said...

Hooray! And it's about time!

OldFashionRepublican said...

I completely agree! Blackwell will reinvigorate our party into the Grand Ole Party it should be. He is a true fiscal conservative that endorses limited government and low taxes. Also, he has a record of supporting traditional values and a strong military.

Combine his ideals with the fact that he has an awesome political track record (13 election victories) makes him the perfect person for the job.

Republicans need a fresh face to reinvigorate the party and prove that Republicans are truly more connected with what American's believes than that other party.