Sunday, December 7, 2008

Postmodern Chess

I thought this website was a joke at first. But apparently, Jürg Hassler is a real "artist" and also likes chess--make that likes the idea of chess without all those silly rules . . . and spaces on the board . . . and recognizable pieces. From the site:

This multi dimensional surpassing of the imaginative powers in order to shape modifiable chess pieces into a landscape or an architectonic composition requires flexibility and a fresh conceptual approach. It further adds to the pleasure of the game, which is Jürg Hassler’s real aim: to free chess from its restrictive and rigid conventions.

Just what I always wanted! Actually, I think a lot of people want life to be this way--disconnected from rules and standards. But the sad result is not freedom but a game no one really wants to play.

(H/T: PP)

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