Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saving us from...Fun

If you've ever been concerned about what might be in children's toys and clothes (and, really, who hasn't?) then this is the law for you. Big Daddy government is going to take care of you.

Oh wait, no it won't.

It will, however, make it more expensive to clothe your children, find toys not made with plastic or battery powered (as in anything sold on Etsy compared to the dreck in mainstream stores), and will also fill landfills with perfectly good toys. Call me cynical (you wouldn't be the first!), but this seems like a dream come true for the largest companies. Aren't the liberals supposed to be "for the little guy" and against landfills? The irony doth compound.

They can't keep us safe from our own stupidity but they'll take our toys away from us. How long before they go after private yard sales? Don't tell me it won't happen. Anyone who has the time to sit around and craft a law as massively stupid as this one, ought to have time to figure out how to free us from dependence on foreign oil...sorry, drifted into an ANWR day dream there for a minute.

Your government at work, ladies and gentlemen. You can try this site, if you are inclined to protest. I'm not holding my breath.


MacKenzie said...

I thought about writing about that same issue but it makes me so mad to think about that I have just kept leaving it alone. As does the fact that it seem like it can be interpreted to apply to almost any product.

Philip said...

No kidding . . . This could really hit me were it hurts: board games!

Seriously, how can Congress think it's okay to just run an entire industry (maybe several industries) right out of business?

Maybe they will now be eligible for some bailout money--they certainly are going to need it!