Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glenn Beck's Communist Update

Very funny stuff.

Actually, Glenn has a really good point about the salary caps. For those companies that accept bailout funds, we should cap their salaries at something like the average US salary ($40-50K). We should make them accept the new union rules, including no more secret ballots. They should be required to provide comprehensive health care to all their workers and all those other socialist dream policies. But only for those companies who take government money. Then we'll see how many would really take it. I'm guessing nobody with half a brain would. That would also work as a nice little free market referendum on socialism. Let everyone make his choice: ALL government "assistance" or NONE at all. Which would you pick?


Mark said...

I watch Glenn Beck on Fox about every day. He is hilarious and so dead right.

Roshea said...

How do we defeat Communism in USA? What do we as Americans need to be doing while the Communist agenda is growing? I feel the need to have our military back in the USA not far away. I am reading and watching info. on Communism. I don't buy Obama never did, now more than ever I will not. Everything he does I question. I am warning others.What's next, arresting civilians for terrorism?